Ultralife URG0002 Power System

Ultralife URG0002 GenSet Eliminator


Reliable power in unreliable places, with the Ultralife GenSet Eliminator – quiet/silent operation mode; scalable energy capacity from 10KWh to 50KWh; compatible with modern commercial and military generators;  plug-and-play Integration with set-up in Less than 20 minutes

The GenSet Eliminator storage and power system for defense and commercial applications is designed to reduce fuel consumption and maintenance costs by 25-to-30 percent.

The mobile system, which uses lithium-ion batteries, is scalable from 10 to 50 kWh of energy storage and significantly reduce fuel consumption while enabling the primary generator or power source to be operated at up to 95 percent of its rated load capacity.  Switching between the primary energy source and battery power is seamless to the user and allows for silent and zero emission operation when the batteries are in use.